Ecommerce Trends to Watch for in 2021

It has 800 million users, and52% of its userssay they’ve bought a product they first saw on Twitter. In addition, 81% say that Twitter impacts their purchasing decisions more than TV commercials.  Ecommerce social mediarequires a strategyand some tools, like anonline schedulingand reporting tool. Most strategies will detail how your business will market and advertise on social media networks, as well as engage and interact with its followers. For large ecommerce stores, it is easy to rest on their laurels. However, a proactive approach to site navigation and management is critical to sustained profitability. What are the features of e-commerce? Easy navigation. Real-time information . Simplified pricing. Online order processing. 24/7 client focus. Personalized marketing. Quality of product information and attached images can make-or-break your sales pipeline. Your traffic should be able to find your email address and phone number at the bottom or top of every page on